Awarded Top 100 Tutors
by Tutorfield website

Ayesha Fatima

What are you studying or what kind of work do you do?

I’m a teacher. I teach Stage 1 & 2 Chemistry and Biology.

What is a quirky fact about you?

Just knowing how to motivate and make them believe what they can achieve.

What should a tutor do at the beginning of the first session?

Introduce yourself and allow student to explain what they require and guide them to achieve.

What is the most important thing a tutor must do when a session has ended?

Ask student for feedback about the session and confirm the next one.

Which is a good strategy for poor study skills?

Organise structured timetable for study and other activities.

What do you do to teach at a level within the student’s grasp so that he or she is not overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged.

Assure them there is no silly question and chuck the content according to their capacity and teach.