Awarded Top 100 Tutors
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Chris Wauchope

Chris has taught over 30 students in Darwin ranging from primary, middle, high school including mature students. He has a wealth of experience & and is passionate about teaching.

What are you studying or what kind of work do you do?

I’m studying a Bachelor of Education at Charles Darwin University

What is a quirky fact about you?

I have studied and passed the tests to be a private pilot – just need to do more practical training before I take to the skies!

What should a tutor do at the beginning of the first session?

Build rapport, assess the students current ability, make a plan to succeed.

What is the most important thing a tutor must do when a session has ended?

Summarise the tutorials objectives and how they’ve been met – the student should be aware of what they have achieved.

Which is a good strategy for poor study skills?

Cultivate genuine interest! It’s a lot easier to study if you are enjoying it!!

What do you do to teach at a level within the student’s grasp so that he or she is not overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged?

Scaffolding – breaking the task down into simple steps, modelled first the tutor and eventually, performed by the student.  “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” Henry Ford.