Awarded Top 100 Tutors
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Sondos Al-Eisawi

Sondos from Sydney, is not just a tutor but a singer. She is very capable of teaching a number of subjects including Arabic, Islamic studies, English, Maths & CAFS.

What are you studying or what kind of work do you do?

I’m currently a first year Masters in teaching student. I have been tutoring different subjects and all age groups since 2015 and I’m loving it.

What is a quirky fact about you?

I sing , and sometimes in the middle of a lesson i sing instructions to my students

What should a tutor do at the beginning of the first session?

It’s vital that every tutor gets to know their student/s first, maybe even play an icebreaker game. That way the student/s is much more comfortable around their new tutor and the tutor has some understanding what kind of student is going to be taught.

What is the most important thing a tutor must do when a session has ended?

I try to end the session on a positive note. If  applicable you can do a mini end of session party with chips, juices, chocolate and even pizza. The students will love it and appreciate the hard work you put in tutoring them.

Which is a good strategy for poor study skills?

My best advice would be to revise over their school notes day by day. The human working memory is not too strong in keeping a lot of in formation at once. Researchers have discovered that when we read over our notes during the first 24-48hrs of writing them we retain most of the information and it gets stored in our long term memory. So, Students I strongly suggest to you to study over your school work day by day- in other words: do your homework

What do you do to teach at a level within the student’s grasp so that he or she is not overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged.

This message is for the tutors. It is critical to follow the Australian Curriculum and Syllabus as they outline what is to be taught throughout the school year. In saying that, tutors also must understand their students’ capacity to work. If a student is excelling and finishing the work during a lesson at a greater speed than others (which is fabulous), the teacher/tutor must keep in mind that they may start getting discouraged as there is no work to do. Hence, if your are not prepared with extra/harder work, give them other responsibilities. For example, you may get them to become your assistant and help other students that are struggling with the work. That way, you get the excelling student engaged in learning but in a better way and the other student will get assistance from a friend.