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Our goal is to help students gain confidence and do well at school and in life.
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Ai Tuition is a tutoring service providing students Maths, English & Science tuition including subjects Chemistry, Biology & Physics among a range of other subjects.

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AiTuition is one of the top 3 best rated tutoring services.

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AiTUition is awarded top 100 tutors by tutorfield website.

Unlock the true potential through collaborative and innovative learning approach

Atiqul Islam | Director and Tutor

Atiqul has a passion for helping students grow in confidence and improve their school results. I have been tutoring students for over a decade providing both 1 on 1 tailored lessons to keep up with the speed at which the school's are moving through content.
The value in tuition is here, providing answers & clarifications resulting in greater student confidence.
Atiqul Islam Director and Tutor

At AiTuition, we put the student at ease by breaking complex concepts into simple and easy steps for the student to understand. This aids clear grasp of knowledge and reduces their anxiety to learn.