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Linda Chhetri

Yr 11, Parent, O Loughlin School | 24 Aug 2021

I am very happy with Ai Tuition, great friendly staff & excellent service. Very flexible with time & days to best suit student. Understand all situation no matter how chellenging it is & fantastic listeners. Have choice of tutor to best suit individual learning abilities. Highly recommended & more then 5 star service. Thank you so much to Atiqul & staff 🙏

Yr 8, Parent, Darwin Middle School | 24 Aug 2021

Jude is engaging, professional and reliable.. we are very pleased with his teachings to our daughter.

Yr 1,3 & 5, Parent, NT | 18 Aug 2021

Everything is going well from our perspective. Chris is great. Kids get along well with him, he’s great with communication and he’s flexible which suits us.
Francisca Okafor

Yr 2 and 5, Parent | 08 Feb 2021

It was lovely, my kids are so happy to have Andrew as their tutor. I am happy too. I give him 5 star😊
Carly Rowston

Yr 7, Parent, Palmerstone Middle School | 01 Feb 2021

Everything was great with Nick, he was awesome!!!
Liza Kathopoulis

Yr 7, Parent | 14 Dec 2020

Nick Glynatsis is well suited to Stella’s math needs, communicates well with her.
Hoping we can resume with Nick next year in week 2 of Term 1. Thanks Ai Tuition.
Jariyah Zamolo

Yr 12, Parent, Marrara Christian School | 12 Nov 2020

Nick was excellent. Very clear and easy to understand. Highly recommended.
Josephine Sullano

Yr 5, Parent, Woodroffe Primary School | 11Nov 2020

My son Kalvin year 5 struggled his Math on Term 1. Thanks to AI Tuition and Joanna, Kalvin has a significant improvement on Term 4 and received his merit award from Woodroffe Primary School ``Working well in Maths``. Highly recommended.
Elouis Thaiday

Yr 2, Parent, Durack Primary School | 10 Nov 2020

Joanna has definitely encouraged and believed Tasi. Happy with the incredible service. My daughters confidence in English has rapidly improved. She came home on the second week of school, term 4 with a certificate for writing. We are so grateful. We will definitely continue to use your service.
Michelle Opie

Yr 12, Parent, Good Shepherd Lutheran College | 03 Nov 2020

Nick has been a great help to my son and I highly recommend him as a tutor.
Andoni Tsaknis

Yr 9, Student, Haileybury Rendall School | 16 July 2020

Kelvin was an excellent maths tutor and taught me how to understand the material in maths and was a really big help in all my assignments and the information I gained helped me a lot in the tests I had and got me the best results I had ever gotten in maths. Thanks.

Yr 0, Student, Palmerston College 7-9 Campus | 14 July 2020

My tutor Calvin was very patient, helpful and explained maths in a very understanding way, would recommend to anyone,thanks Calvin and AI Tuition.
M Opie

Yr 0, Parent, Good Shepherd Lutheran College | 14 July 2020

AiTuition has been great to deal with and helped my son improve his results in year 12 Math. I found the service very reliable and the tutor to be flexible and able to connect well with my son when improving his understanding. I recommend AiTutoring to anyone who is struggling or needing help to improve results.
Daniel Valladares

Yr 11, Student, Marrara Christian College | 29 June 2020

I have always struggled with my math abilities which has caused me to lag behind the other members of my class. To help this i contacted A1 Tuition and was quickly introduced to Cal. With Cal's help I managed to improve my skills and pass the semester. He was very punctual and explained all the concepts to me thoroughly. I would highly recommend A1 Tuition to anyone in need of help.
F Lachlan

Yr 12, Parent, MacKillop | 16 June 2020

After reviving my Son’s Term1 report, he raised concerns about his understanding in Physics. I contacted a few tuition agencies and found AI Tuition to be the most help and willing to work around my Son’s availability and the whole issue of social distancing and availability in venue. Divya and Atiqual have been amazing in providing assistance and always keep the parents in the loop. My Son has stated Divya (Tutor) has been a great help in improving his understanding in year 12 Physics, which has given him more confidence in the subject. Very glad we went with AI tutoring.
Bianca Finocchiaro

Yr 12, Student, Essington | 12 May 2020

Very reliable and flexible with times and days and allows me a student to capture a broader knowledge of concepts outside of the classroom. The 1on1 tutoring helped me achieve an A grade in chemistry. Divya gives me notes to refer back to which I find extremely helpful. Overall always a fun, interactive and encouraging session.

Yr 11, Parent, O'Loughlin Catholic College | 08 March 2020

Thanks to AI tuition for helping my son understand and learn Maths.

Yr 11, Student, Essington | 17 Feb 2020

Was amazing at slowly explaining everything and explaining things i never understood. Read over and gave critiques about assignments and helped me study for tests and topics.

Yr 9, Parent, GSLC Howard Springs | 16 Feb 2020

Since semester 2 last year, my son has received tutoring from Cassie. We have seen a huge improvement with his maths and I highly recommend A1 tuition.

Yr 10, Student, Palmerston Christian | 03 Dec 2019

I haven’t always been great at maths I was struggling really bad so my mum hired a tutor from here and she has helped me so much I went from getting bad grades to then getting a 80% on my exam all with the help from my tutor Cassie, she was very very kind and always has a great way of explaining things in maths she really helped me improve and I am forever great full for her and for AI tuition. Would highly recommend them.
Phoebe van Bentum

Yr 12, Parent, Marrara Christian College | 25 Nov 2019

Really happy with the tutoring services offered through AI - excellent and consistent tutors and great responsiveness. Would absolutely recommend.
Megan Hensler

Yr 12, Parent, Essington | 13 Oct 2019

I want to thank you and your company for offering a great tutoring service. We have been using your service for the past two years and it has helped our daughter during her senior years of high school. I have recommended and will continue to recommend your company.

Yr 7, Parent, Good Shepherd | 11 Aug 2019

Very happy with the tutoring provided.
Lanni Mulyani

Yr 0, Parent, O'Loughlin Catholic College | 04 May 2019

Joanna is an excellent math tutor and has helped my daughter improve her math. Atiqul is also excellent in providing customer service. Quick response and action. Definitely highly recommended.

Yr 10, Parent, Casuarina College | 24 Apr 2019

Will recommend to anyone.

Yr 0, Parent, Marrara Christian College | 07 Dec 2018

As a parent of a Year 11 student, I am very happy with the tuition my son has received from AI Tuition and am happy to say he passed his Math for the year!

Yr 12, Student,Armidale High | 04 Nov 2018

I have finished my hsc and got a lot off help from yiyi with my maths and bio hsc course and her tutoring had helped me get through my trials and other assignment very easily, she is also a very good supporter and helped me get through the year with less stress! And i do recommend aituition to other students.

Yr 12, Student, Pal Buddhist School | 30 Oct 2018

Yiyi has helped me so much in getting through my last few months studying biology and English adv and ext1 for hsc. She had extensive knowledge of both subjects and went through extensive research to ensure that I had complete understanding of my subjects as well as providing me with multiple exemplar essays and narratives for me. She always replied to my messages right after I sent them despite the time and her busy schedule. Is strongly recommend her to every English and Biology HSC student.

Yr 12, Parent, Darwin | 27 Oct 2018

As a parent with a daughter doing year 12 I have been very happy with her progress she have improved in her maths with leaps and bounds since being tutored by AiTuition.
Annalise Grice

Yr 10, Student, Darwin High | 01 Oct 2018

Found tutorials especially useful as they ensured she would spend at least 1hr/week of productive studying and learning.
Ruby Hensler

Yr 11, Student, Darwin High | 25 Sept 2018

Aleisha is amazing, efficient and always incredibly helpful. She is always on time for our calls, always willing to help me out when she doesn't have much knowledge on the topic. Every Tuesday, Aleisha communicates and teaches me many new ideas and concepts for my learning, which I appreciate so much. I cannot fault Aleisha, she is continuously moving her schedule around for me without a frown, always responses to my questions when we aren't in sessions through email or text. Many Thanks for giving Aleisha too me, my grades have increased rapidly with her help.

Yr 12, Student, Good Shepherd Lutheran College | 02 Aug 2018

I feel I caught up above my expectations thanks to my tutor 🙂

Yr 0, Student,CDU | 22 Jun 2018

Cassie is an amazing tutor, she helped me through all whole all my assignment. I would recommend her to all my friends.

Yr 11, Parent, John'S | 27 Nov 2017

Jay is an excellent Math tutor. My son found the tutoring sessions very helpful to fill up the gaps in his learning and has done very well in Math this year. Thank you for your help Jay