NDIS Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia's first national Scheme providing support for
Australian children and adults who are born with or acquires a permanent and significant disability.
To know more about the NDIS, visit www.ndis.gov.au or 1800 800 110

Personalised Learning

We aim to customise learning for each student’s strengths, needs, skills and interests.

Foundation Learning

We support learners with special educational needs in the form of a learning disability.

Different Delivery Methods

We offer One on One or group-based tuition lessons that suits your personal needs.

Achieve your goals with AiTuition

Ai Tuition work with a number of NDIS providers supporting plan managed and self-managed NDIS participants with services they need to live their life and achieve their goals including
Employment Skill Development
Independent Living
Reduce the impacts of disability or developmental delay
Participate in local community activities
Making Friends

Success stories

Some success stories include

Murray Skyes

Learned to use a computer and a drafting software to gain employment. Murray was able to use Microsoft applications to write resumes or searching the internet to find employment opportunities in addition to developing office-based work ready skills.

Amanda Kemp

Assisted with building on foundation knowledge of Horticulture Course. Creating a plan and providing support to improve English reading and writing skills and giving confidence to independently complete assignments

Looking to develop skills for employment or need support to become independent?

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